Volunteering with PURE

The Pure Battlefield volunteer organization is a group of PURE community members that do the day-to-day work of maintaining the community and furthering the Community Vision.

The volunteer organization is part of the PURE community; it does not “oversee” it or “run” it.

PURE could not exist without volunteers.  But volunteering is not just a way of helping support and sustain the community — it’s a way of participating at a deeper level.  If you choose to volunteer, you get the opportunity to see the inner workings of an organized gaming community, and to more closely connect and collaborate with others who are passionate about the same thing you are:  awesome social gaming. Volunteers are selected to join the organization based on their ability and commitment to support the Community Purpose, and their fit with the (limited) roles we have available.  These criteria are assessed based on written applications, video interviews, and any prior interaction.

This page focuses on non-leadership volunteer positions. If you are interested in learning about leadership positions, go to our Leadership Roles page instead!

Applying to Volunteer

  1. Decide what role(s) you’re interested in

    See the Volunteer Team Descriptions below to get a sense for what is available. Many volunteers hold multiple roles.

  2. Check for openings

    Use the chart below check whether applications are currently open for the team you’re interested in.

    Please understand that as our positions are limited, applications are often closed unless there was a recent recruiting announcement.
  3. Self-education

    - Familiarize yourself with the Community Purpose & Values– our volunteer team works together to support these. - Understand the minimum time commitment (see the chart below) required by the role you are applying for. - Peruse the Volunteer Handbook (link in the chart below) for the role you’re interested in.  (You don’t need to read it all, but take a skim.) – You may also be interested in looking at your team’s Trello board — most teams use this to coordinate their work.

  4. Application

    Fill out an application for the team you are interested in.  The chart below contains links to applications for each team.  The Team Lead for the team should review your application and get back to you within a few days.

  5. Discussion

    If everything seems to be a fit from reading your application, the Team Lead will contact you to schedule a time for video discussion to talk about the role further.  (It’s best if you have a webcam, but if you don’t, that’s OK.) The discussion is an opportunity for you and the Team Lead to get to know each other, and get a shared sense of whether working together will be fun, effective, and an all-around good fit.  This is different from an “interview” in that it is a two-way street.  We believe that volunteering should be enjoyable and gratifying for everyone involved, and having a discussion beforehand helps insure that.

  6. Decision

    You and the Team Lead will both take some time to decide whether you feel you and the volunteer role are well-suited for each other.  If so, you’re on the team!  (Please be patient; if there are a number of applicants applying for a small number of roles, it may take the Team Lead some time to meet with the other applicants.)

Volunteer Team Overview

Volunteer TeamHonorary Donor Benefits*BadgeMinimum Activity (average)Volunteer HandbookApplication FormApplications Currently Open?
Ambassadors$10 / monthimage09_15 hours / weekHandbookApplicationYes
Communications$25 / monthimage09_13 hours / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Events$25 / monthimage05_33 hours / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Operations$25 / monthimage06_23 hours / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Records & Accounts$25 / monthimage03_33 hours / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Server Administration$25 / monthimage07_210 hours in-game / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Software Development$25 / monthimage08_13 hours / weekHandbookApplicationNo
Special Projects$25 / monthimage00_23 hours / weekn/an/aNo
Server Seeding$10 / monthimage01_3DailyHandbookApplicationNo
Twitch Team$10 / monthimage04_3VariesIn Progressn/aNo

*As a token of recognition and appreciation, our active volunteers are given honorary benefits from our Donor Recognition Program, along with special flair on TeamSpeak and our community web spaces.  The level of benefits is determined by the Role Category of the volunteer role. We offer all volunteers in a given role who meet the activity threshold the same honorary benefits regardless of number of hours donated.  For this reason, honorary benefits do not “stack” if an individual is volunteering for multiple roles, nor do credits “stack” for purposes of calculating cumulative lifetime contribution. If a volunteer is also a donor, their honorary benefits will be “credited” towards a higher benefit level (or extended time at the current level) when they donate.  Donation benefits are not “lost” simply because one is a volunteer.

This page focuses on non-leadership volunteer positions. If you are interested in learning about leadership positions, go to our Leadership Roles page instead!

Volunteer Team Descriptions


The goal of the ambassador program is to welcome new players to the PURE ideology — “PURE provides a socially rewarding and community-oriented gaming experience by the players, for the players”. Ambassadors will focus on acclimating our new community members to PURE and help make sure they feel welcomed and that they are integrated into the existing community in the best possible way. Examples of Ambassador duties include:

  • Welcoming new players to the community
  • Exposing new players to the PURE values
  • Helping with any questions which they may have (how do I find your servers? how do I use TS and squad up? – as examples)


The Communications Team helps keep the Pure Battlefield community engaged and cohesive by maintaining open, clear, and honest lines of communication between the PURE volunteer organization and the community-at-large. Examples of Communications projects include:

  • Drafting announcements or general community documents (like this one)
  • UI and content implementation on our various servers (game, TeamSpeak, administrative)
  • Organizing community town halls and similar events
  • Designing, writing, and executing polls
  • Maintaining our online web presence


The Events Team works together to bring Official Events to the community that are fun, engaging, and socially rewarding. The weekly work for the Events Team includes:

  • Collaborating on documentation necessary to run and prepare events
  • Testing plugin settings and event rules to ensure event success
  • Working directly with other teammates in real time to develop and implement Event ideas and features


The Operations team works behind the scenes to keep our servers running smoothly and efficiently.  Without a strong Operations team, our growth and evolution will be crippled. The team’s day-to-day work includes maintaining & optimizing server functionality at the “application-and-up” level (no code, but plug-ins, applications, OS, networking, etc.)  Examples of Operations work includes:

  • Setting up new servers
  • Managing server configurations
  • Testing & implementing upgrades
  • Performance management (addressing issues related to lag, CPU problems, etc.)
  • Fixing real-time problems (outages, mass disconnects, malfunctioning plugins, etc.)

Records and Accounts

The Records & Accounts Team helps to manage our finances, software accounts for its many volunteers, and other internal records.   Team members process incoming donations, on-board and off-board volunteers, and keep our public financial records accurate and up to date. One critical area maintained by the Records team is our Community Rank Program of ranks, perks, and flair for our supporters.  These systems are an important piece of our community’s “social infrastructure”, and require a great deal of work to keep up to date.

Server Administration

Our Server Administrators keep our gaming environments fair and friendly.  They serve as not only enforcers of our Community Rules, but ambassadors of our community, and proactively provide support & assistance to players who need it.  Unlike most volunteer teams, Server Administrators’ work is primarily in-game. A Server Administrator’s daily tasks can include:

  • Applying enforcement action against players that break our Community Rules & Guidelines
  • Recording all actions taken as an Administrator to our public facing kick/ban log to maintain an open and transparent community.
  • Answer player inquiries regarding PURE, it’s rules, and other questions about our community and structure.
  • Working to ensure all community members are having an enjoyable experience in PURE’s game and Teamspeak servers

Software Development

The Software Development Team writes game-related code (generally server plug-ins) and internal tools for our community and volunteer team.  There’s a great deal of community projects that require software development, and they range from small to large.  Examples include:

  • Improved TeamSpeak squad syncing, which automatically puts TeamSpeak players together in the same squad
  • A database-driven analytics framework to help create actionable insights around server usage and community activity
  • Team balancer improvements

Most code is written in C#, and development is most easily done in a Windows environment.

Special Projects

From time to time, volunteers tackle projects which don’t fit neatly into any of these teams. This work is categorized as “Special Projects.”

Server Seeding

Server seeding is logging on to an empty server in order to attract more players to join. Nobody wants to join an empty server!   Without seeders on early in the morning, servers tend to stay empty most of the day — maybe even the entire day.  This is true even for a thriving community like PURE. Seeding volunteers need a computer that can run whatever game they will be seeding overnight and during the day.  The exact timeframes vary, of course, but a rough guideline is at least 1am-1pm ET (10pm-10am PT / 6am – 6pm UK time).  They also must be willing to run the seeder automation software we will provide.

Twitch Team

The Twitch Team works to bring the PURE experience to our very own Twitch channel, including live gameplay from the PURE servers. This team is currently in development and plans to begin recruiting shortly.

Thank you!

Thank you for considering volunteering with the Pure Battlefield community.  Without volunteer support, we could not exist. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Community Lead, James Hogan, aka Adama42, at jhogan@purebattlefield.org.