PURE Awards

PURE is built by the community, for the community.  We rely entirely on our members (that’s you) to survive and thrive!  We created the PURE Awards system to publicly recognize those who choose to support the PURE community.

PURE Awards consist of icons that show up next to one’s name in our community spaces (such as TeamSpeak and our Reddit forum), and perks to enhance one’s experience at PURE.


Financial Contribution
(Temporary Awards)

Coins represent those who support the PURE community financially.  Coins expire about 1 month after a donation is made.  For details, see our donation page.

IconDescriptionMinimum Monthly DonationPURE Credits*Perk Level
White CoinWhite Coin$51 credit per dollar donated2
Light Blue CoinLight Blue Coin$101 credit per dollar donated3
Dark Blue CoinDark Blue Coin$251 credit per dollar donated4
Bronze CoinBronze Coin$501 credit per dollar donated5

* PURE Credits are used to award Lifetime Contribution medals (see below).

Volunteer Contribution
(Temporary Awards)

Volunteer badges signify current members of the PURE volunteer organization.  Badges expire when a community member leaves their volunteer role.  For details, see our volunteering page.

IconDescriptionVolunteer Role CategoryPURE Credits / Month*Perk Level
Light Blue ShieldLight Blue ShieldIndependent Contributor103
Dark Blue ShieldDark Blue ShieldIntegrated Contributor254
Bronze ShieldBronze ShieldProject Lead505
Silver ShieldSilver ShieldTeam Lead1005
Gold ShieldGold ShieldCommunity Lead2505

* PURE Credits are used to award Lifetime Contribution medals (see below).

Social Contribution (Coming Soon)
(Permanent Awards)

As a social gaming community, simply participating is an important contribution to PURE!   Dog tags represent different levels of community participation, with most levels requiring one to be in good standing with respect to our community rules.  Social awards never expire.  For details, see our Social Awards page.

IconDescriptionTitlePURE Credits*Perk Level
Black Dog TagBlack Dog TagPlayern/an/a
Bronze Dog TagBronze Dog TagCommunity Participantn/an/a
Silver Dog TagSilver Dog TagCommunity Veterann/a1
Gold Dog TagGold Dog TagSenior Veterann/a1

* PURE Credits are used to award Lifetime Contribution medals (see below).

Lifetime Contribution
(Permanent Awards)

Lifetime contribution medals represent a substantial contribution to the PURE community over time.  They are awarded based on the total number of PURE credits one has accumulated from other PURE awards.  Medals never expire.

IconDescriptionLifetime PURE Credits Required
White MedalWhite Medal50
Light Blue MedalLight Blue Medal100
Dark Blue MedalDark Blue Medal250
Bronze MedalBronze Medal500
Silver MedalSilver Medal1,000
Gold MedalGold Medal2,500


Award Perks 

As a token of gratitude, some contributions to PURE entitle one to certain community perks.*  The tables above detail which contributions correspond to which perk levels.**

Perk LevelBenefits
  • TeamSpeak channel creation: Create temporary channels on our TeamSpeak server.
  • Larger TeamSpeak avatar: Size limit increased from 250 KB to 1.5 MB.
2All the benefits of Level 1, plus:

  • Battlefield VIP server queue access: Nobody can join our servers faster than you.
  • In-game recognition: Your support will be acknowledged to other players.
3All the benefits of Level 2, plus:

  • Mid-round balance immunity: Never get teamswitched in the middle of a round again!
  • TeamSpeak channel longevity: Temporary channels you create on our TeamSpeak server last for 24 hours after the last person leaves, letting other community members know what game(s) you were playing, thereby encouraging them to do the same.
4All the benefits of Level 3, plus:

  • No additional perks for level 4.
5All the benefits of Level 4, plus:

  • Monthly Key Supporters meeting:  Invitation to attend a monthly meeting with PURE’s Community Lead to discuss PURE’s vision and strategy.

* Perks may change from time to time as the Awards program evolves.  We hope that most of these changes will be positive ones as we add new rewards, but if we ever need to reduce rewards for a particular level, we promise that such changes will happen with clear notice given at least 1 month in advance.

** Perks may “stack” based upon the “minimum monthly donation” required for that perk.  For example, a Light Blue Shield volunteer  (perk level 3, $10 minimum monthly donation) that donates $15 per month would receive perk level 4 ($25 minimum monthly donation).  Perks do not stack for multiple volunteer roles (see the volunteer page for details).